Configuring and Managing Labels in SGNL


  • An Account with sufficient permissions to access SGNL Administrative settings

Supported Features

  • Labeling of:
    • Systems of Record
    • Protected Systems
    • Policies
    • Policy Snippets
  • Including and Excluding objects based on the presence of one or more labels
  • Up to 5 labels per object
  • AND Operations between labels when filtering, i.e. Label1 and Label2 and not Label3

Creating and Managing Labels

Labels are created and managed from within SGNL Admin.

To create a Label:

  1. Navigate to Admin→Labels

  2. Select + Add Label

  3. Give the label a Display Name and (optionally) a Description

  4. Specify a Label Color, or choose your own Custom Color

  5. Select Save to create your Label

    Create a Label

To update and/or manage a label:

  1. Navigate to Admin→Labels
  2. Hover the Label that’s of interest and select Edit
  3. Make any changes to Display Name, Description, or Color that are desired
  4. Select Save to update your Label

Labels are able to be deleted, with a prerequisite that they have been previously removed from all objects in SGNL.

Labeling Objects

SGNL Labels can be applied to Systems of Record, Protected Systems, Policies, and Policy Snippets. To apply a Label to an object, simply navigate to the object you wish to apply a Label to and navigate to the Settings Tab.

Up to 5 Labels can be applied to a given SGNL object.

Apply a Label

Filtering by Label

To access filters, simply visit the List page for the objects you’re interested in filtering.

To access the filters menu, click the Filter button in the right of the headers and choose the Labels to Include or Exclude.

When multiple labels are added to a Label Filter, they are combined as and operations. In practice, this means that when 2 labels are added to the filter to be included, an object must have both labels to be returned in the search results.

Filtering by Label